Kaiserin Films work is defined by its creative collaboration with local and international artists, technicians, innovators and organisers. Our journey started in Melbourne in 2016 and since 2020 we call Berlin home too. Across the two timezones we can turn around your project faster than you can say - Fußballweltmeisterschaftsqualifikationsspiel.

Social videos, digital content, live performances, music videos, documentaries, films - you name it and we develop, concept and realise it with expertise and passion. Whether you are a solo business or an established brand in need of a stand alone video, a multi-platform campaign or an entirely different approach we will be with you from the beginning all the way through to its launch. 

We know our stuff from years of experience and continuous learning. Transforming your vision into a creative and commercial piece of art is right up our alley. For you we constantly shape-shift and remain versatile in our approach to suit your budget and timeliness. 

If you are a family person we have something in common, as we too invest in long-term relationships and want you to become a part of and gain from our creative home base. We may not know it all but we are collaborators and seek partnerships interested in a mutual effort. As a business striving for sustainability, we rent, reduce and repurpose rather than buying, consuming and disposing. Reach out, if you'd like to team up!
This is what you    say
Professional filmmakers with passion 
"Their creativity and intuition blew us away. The Kaiserin Films team has shown an incredible level of dedication and creativity throughout the entire process from pre-production until the very last minute before launch. We look forward to further collaborations in the future."
Committed to excellence in all projects they undertake
"I have worked with Kaiserin Films closely over many years. They are reliable, hard working and client focused. They will certainly enhance your project and give their utmost to your vision."
Smooth and seamless collaboration
"Kaiserin Films' dedication to detail and quality helped bring my vision into reality. Their technical ability and work ethic made the process of collaboration a smooth and seamless one. Being the first film project I have worked on, I feel like I started with the best!"
This is us   the   makers
Janine Kaiser is Executive Producer and Founder of Kaiserin Films. She brings over 7 years of industry experience as Film, TV and Agency Producer and produced content for brands such as Beyond Blue, Visit Victoria, Reconciliation Australia, Mercedes and Procter & Gamble. 

With Kaiserin Films, Janine is looking forward to assisting clients in making a positive impact through the audio visual medium. She tackles every brief with her tireless work ethic and attention to detail. Janine will take charge of all things planning and will carry out Kaiserin Films vision with passion and dedication. At the end of the day, most important to her is that you feel understood and walk away with something that you are proud of and engages your audiences.

On a more personal note, Janine feels privileged to call both Germany and Australia home. Her migrant background nurtured a particular interest in the cultural rich and colourful perspectives both countries offer and she seeks to play an active role in connecting these stories with audiences. Since 2020 we are happy to have Janine back in Berlin, where her passion for visual storytelling was first ignited. 
Adam Lynch is the creative director and a partner of Kaiserin Films. With over 10 years of industry experience as an award winning filmmaker, his directorial skill comes from his strong visual aesthetic and ability to capture and portray endearing human candidness.

Adam has been fortunate to reap a vast and varied resumé ranging from feature films to wildlife documentary to visual content to music videos to everything in between. His spirited versatility blended with his appetite for authentic stories keeps Adam focused on the rough, noisy, uncomfortable and simple things that connect us all as being human. 

Adam brings this wealth of experience, as well as a tenacious work ethic and technical know-how to Kaiserin Films where he focuses to create works that he can be proud to call his own.
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