Lucie & the Robot - Beyond Now (Official Video)
Beyond Now is a synth-pop song written collaboratively by the band members of Berlin-based Lucie & The Robot. Emerging from an unhealthy relationship, Beyond Now describes the gaps between past, present and future – reforming and reestablishing a sense of self. Director Adam Lynch took this narrative and together with Choreographer Bree Saxton concepted a performance piece and added a VFX technique on the dancer's skin to reveal an introspective state of mind - a dark past glitching in your memory.  Lucie & The Robot Director | DoP: Adam Lynch Producer: Janine Kaiser Choreographer | Dancer: Breeanne Saxton
Mars is a 6-minute dramatic sci-fi short film based in a not too distant future. The film marks Raymond J Evans debut short film and is currently in post-production. Dash and Violet are standing on opposite train platforms. They are set to travel in different directions yet a common interest undeniably entwines their destinies. Without speaking a word they must find a means of connection before their trains arrive to whisk them away. Writer/Director/Editor: Raymond J Evans Producer/ 1st AD: Janine Kaiser Director of Photography: Adam Lynch Production Design: Caitlin Burns Currently in Post Production.
Big and Tall and Hairy
Big and Tall and Hairy is a 6-minute coming-of-age comedy short film for anyone who has ever felt pressured into growing up. It is a story of friendship; of unbreakable bonds; of gorillas with mad dance skills. The film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project, where teams are given a genre and several required elements, then tasked with creating a film in just 48 hours. Big and Tall and Hairy was awarded Best Film, Best Director and Best Sound Design at the Melbourne competition in 2018. Writer/Director: Becki Bouchier Producer/1st AD: Janine Kaiser Director of Photography: Adam Lynch Production Design: John Frohlich Editor: Tom Marley Sound Engineer: Liam Annert Music: Casey Norman
St Bernie
St Bernie is a 15 minute coming-of-age dramatic short film shot on 35mm film. The film marks Elise Tyson short film debute and was screened at prestigues film festivals such as St Kilda Film Festival, Perth Revelation Film Festival and Montreal World Film Festival. In 2018 St Bernie was awarded Best National Film at the 23rd Canberra International Short Film Festival. Fourteen-year-old Bernie must convince her religious mother that her repeated attempts to explore her body are natural, not depraved. Writer/Director: Elise Tyson Producer/ 1st AD: Janine Kaiser Executive Producer: Goran Spoljaric Director of Photography: Adam Lynch Production Design: Caitlin Burns Editor: Tayler Martin Sound Design: AJ Sherwood Music: Joel Woolf
Carpark is 6-minute short comedy film dealing with Joe and his volatile girlfriend, Rose, as they try to make a quick escape from their latest heist. However Rose has parked their getaway car in a multi-story carpark and they find their way blocked by Fleur a confused, elderly woman who is struggling with the ticket machine. As the police sirens get louder and closer Joe comes up with a plan however, he has underestimated the old lady. Writer/Director/Producer: John Frohlich Producer/ Editor: Christian Doran Producer: Janine Kaiser Director of Photography: Adam Lynch Sound Design: Travis Dom Composer: Sally Greenaway
Centrepiece is a 7-minute short family drama. LIAM, a goofy dad and country veterinarian has hit a milestone - the big 40. His morning dreams of being spoilt by his seductive wife are dashed as a controversial nude painting steals his spotlight. Teased by a bohemian horse trainer and an obnoxious duck, Liam’s jealousy fuelled imagination sparks a risqué scheme to steal it back. Writer/ Director - Hassan Bajwa Producer: Janine Kaiser Director of Photography/ Editor: Adam Lynch Production Designer: Gerry Satrapa Composer: Rory Chanowedh
Capital L
Capital L is a 10-minute short dramedy which served as interstitials in the anthology feature film "Locks of Love". This Canberra-made film tells the tales behind eleven padlocks. The dynamics of love play out in romance, friendship, family and heartbreak - charting a course across comedy, drama and even the supernatural. Locks of Love received distribution through Titan View and premiered at the Canberra International Film Festival in 2014. Produced in association with ScreenACT and Silversun Pictures Financed in association with the ACT Government and Screen Australia. Writer/Director/Editor: Christian Doran Producer: Janine Kaiser Director of Photography: Robb Shaw-Velzen Production Designer: Gerry Satrapa Sound Designer: Rohan Taylor Composer: Sally Greenaway
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