Theresia Staps
Personal Trainer​​​​​​​
When Theresia approached us to create a video for her personal training website we were pumped. She is such a vibrant and committed person - a true personal trainer - so we new this was going to be great.
We absorbed her ideas and points she wanted to focus on, we probed her inspirations, backstory and outlook, we trained with her to get a sense of her training style, then, we designed the concept which formed the building blocks of what the video would become.
We shot a lot of footage and an extensive interview and cut the promotional video as well as two smaller videos focusing on her as a trainer and her training method. We also planned to shoot more then was needed for these videos so Theresia has the option to make use of it for additional videos in the future.

Promotional Video

Trainer Teaser

Method Teaser

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